Given life is busy, we wanted to share a few things that we felt was pretty significant from last week

# life – The ‘Busy’ Trap

If you’re constantly “busy”, then this NY Times Opinion is a good read.

Every morning my in-box was full of e-mails asking me to do things I did not want to do or presenting me with problems that I now had to solve. It got more and more intolerable until finally I fled town to the Undisclosed Location from which I’m writing this.

# hope – Climate change agreement between US and China

  • #1 and #2 world polluters agree to reduce their carbon emissions
  • I don’t claim to understand all the details but happy that they’ve taken this important step to accept ownership & hopefully, take action.

# smile –  If you are looking for toys this holiday … then see what Ellen found:

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Dihan, Organic Lifestyle.