Did you know that you can create a baby Gift registry with Organic Lifestyle? Whether you’re creating a list for yourself or shopping for someone else, we make it easy to find organic and natural baby shower gifts.

Here are 5 of our favourites to help you find the best green baby shower gift.

  1. EcoParent Magazine

EcoParent is a great quarterly magazine focused on green healthy living. It offers inspiring, never judgmental advice that makes it easier to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices that work for your family.

Also, getting mail that isn’t a bill is much more fun, so treat yourself (or someone else) to a subscription through Organic Lifestyle and receive 25% off!

Learn more about Eco Parent Magazine:

 Baby Shower Gift

  1. Non-Toxic Nursing Pillow

Many moms tell us that a good nursing pillow is essential. It can help alleviate back and neck pain by positioning baby properly for feeding. They can also help as baby grows, giving some cushioning support as they start to sit and see more of their world. Conventional nursing pillows are often made with petrochemical-based foam which offgas VOCs, regardless of whether or not they are in an organic cover.

See our Made in Canada Buckwheat Nursing Pillow here:

 Baby Shower Gift

Our organic, non-toxic nursing pillow is made with sustainably sourced wool from USA in a chemical and scent-free facility.

 Baby Shower Gift3. Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

Considering how much time baby spends sleeping, a non-toxic crib mattress is one of the most important investments you can make. Our mattresses are free from toxic flame retardants and vinyl, and feature organic cotton.

For instance, with the option of waterproofing on one side and softer cover on the other, this Naturepedic crib mattress is perfect for convertible cribs that take your baby to a toddler bed.

See our selection of Organic Crib Mattresses:

 Baby Shower Gift4. Organic Cotton Nursing Tee

  1. If you’re planning to nurse, it’s nice to have a few shirts that offer easy access on-the-go. We stock the widely popular Momzelle nursing tees.They are made in Toronto with a combination of organic cotton and spandex, allowing them to fit beautifully and comfortably. These tees are a staple every nursing mom could use, and they’re made to last.Check our Organic Cotton Nursing T-Shirt here:

     Baby Shower Gift

    5. Organic Cloth Wipes

Many eco parents will be considering cloth diapers, but don’t forget about the wipes! Disposable wipes are costly and wasteful, and can contain harmful ingredients.

Make your own wipes solution for baby’s sensitive skin or use our organic, soft, cloth wipes can be used simply with water!

See our Organic Bummie Wipe Cloths:

 Baby Shower GiftToss them in the pail with your cloth diapers, and they’re ready to go again!

We think these 5 essentials are the best green baby shower gifts – but we have so much more to help eco parents make healthier, greener choices.

Have a peak at our range of baby products, including wooden teethers, organic onesies, and hooded bath towels.

Plus, when you gift register with Organic Lifestyle we offer 10% regular priced items.

We can’t wait to help you welcome your baby to the world!