Winter is coming … there I said it.

Our biased opinion is that you can’t fight it, simply stay indoors and:

1. Pull up next to a fireplace or radiator

2. Add organic comforter, bedspreads and throws for the bedroom:

You can select from washablelight weight, hemp, luxurious and extra toasty down alternative comforter versions.

We even have Couple friendly wool comforters that have different weights!


Do I need to remind you?


BTW if these extreme weather patterns are climate change related, shouldn’t we have less snow? Turns out global warming causes more precipitation, which translates to more snow when temperatures dip below 32 degrees.

3. Add Beautiful throws for the the living room or bedroom:

herringbone_coffee_organic_2 herringbone_3_blanket

4. and don’t forget, duvet covers to protect those long lasting down alternative comforters.


BTW if you get too warm regardless of the temperature , you should read this post.

Many of our customers who experience menopause symptoms, hot flashes & night sweats have found it made a huge difference.


Dihan Chandra, Proud-Owner.

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