This Earth Day we’d like to encourage you to take the time to spend time in nature and remind ourselves of how truly blessed we are.

Did you know the David Suzuki Foundation can help you with activities that will encourage youth to spend more time outside?

At Organic Lifestyle, we’re proud to source raw materials from nature that will last long enough for you to benefit without harmful chemical exposure.

Think of our organic pillows made with natural filling like buckwheat, organic cotton or natural (not synthetic) rubber

Earth Day 2017

Buckwheat hulls that mold to shape of your neck by your own body warmth


Earth Day 2017

Kapok, feels like cotton!

Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017

Featured Product: Solid Wood bedframes – untreated or treated with linseed oil options

earth day 2017

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Our products will ultimately degrade in time, not persist in nature for centuries, unlike plastic.

While plastic is crucial to our lives, we’d like to advocate curbing our disposable plastic appetite.

Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists – 500 times more plastic in the ocean than stars in the Galaxy

This video hit home for me the impact of disposable plastic culture:

What if this video of the impact of a straw on this turtle was shown in schools, allowing age appropriate kids to make the connection that plastic has on others?

Kids will help drive the change, getting grandparents and parents involved as well.

Read how a non-profit successfully accomplished just this:

How to turn Ocean Plastic cleanup and awareness into Revenue opportunities



Dihan and all of us at Organic Lifestyle, where every day is Earth Day.