Guest Blog by Emma Rohmann, Green at Home

As a mom, the holidays can be full of joy but also a bit on the stressful side. Years ago, I made the decision not to step foot in a mall. This encouraged me to shop local and give more intention. When I discovered Organic Lifestyle, I felt like I hit the jackpot. It’s a one-stop shop for thoughtful, healthy, and often locally-made products.

They asked me to browse their shop to create a holiday gift guide, as a green mom. So if you’re looking to give differently this year – whether the recipients consider themselves “green” or not – here are some green gift guide ideas for everyone on your list that you’re sure to love.

Green Gift guide for the Home

Reusable Food Wrap

Green Gift guide


Truth-be-told, I didn’t use a lot of plastic wraps to start with. But there were always a few uses that kept coming back. Wrapping cucumber ends, cheese, etc. These beeswax-based reusable wraps are great gifts for the eco-conscious person on your list.

Wool Dryer Balls

Green Gift guide


Help cut the disposable dryer sheet habit with these reusable, non-toxic 100% wool dryer balls. They have been shown to reduce static and drying time, and won’t coat clothes in chemicals like fabric softeners and dryer sheets.


Bamboo Toothbrush

Green Gift guide


These toothbrushes help reduce plastic waste by using natural materials from the bristles to the handle and even the packaging. These would make a great stocking stuffer and are perfect for a travel bag!


Green Gift guide for Kids


Reusable Snack BagsGreen Gift guide

When my daughter started grade 1, I missed the memo that we needed to sent separate snack containers for recess. These snack bags saved the day! They don’t take up space in the kitchen, are easy to wipe and wash, and come in adorable prints that she was actually excited to use. These make great and fun stocking stuffers that are part gift for kids and part gift for parents – win-win!


Wooden Push Toy & Rocking Horse

Green Gift guide

Green Gift guide


I’m a minimalist when it comes to toys, but there are certain items that get used well – even after they’ve stopped being age appropriate. I love these simple and handmade wooden versions of commonly plastic toys.


Aquaponic Herb Garden + Fish Bowl

Green Gift guide


I love a good multi-purpose product and this has to be one of the most fun combos I’ve seen. A low-maintenance pet and home-grown herbs, all in one!


Green Gift guide for Anyone


Certified Organic Sheets

Green Gift guide


Anyone else put themselves last on the list? These sheets may not seem like an obvious gift, but will be oh-so-appreciated once they sleep in them. Coyuchi sheets are GOTS certified organic, and the ivory ones are great for those with chemical sensitivities as they aren’t whitened or dyed.


Certified Organic Bath Towels

Green Gift guide


These certified organic bamboo bath towels are not only made from USDA certified organic bamboo but is also Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, which means it isn’t manufactured with toxic chemicals. As an added bonus, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial – and I can’t be the only one who doesn’t find the time to wash my towels as much as I should so this feature sounds particularly appealing!

Green Gift guide for the Host


All-Natural Candles

Green Gift guide


Conventional candles, especially scented ones, release toxic chemicals as they burn. These beeswax candles look beautiful, have long burn-times, and can actually clean the air rather than pollute it. If candles are your go-to thank you gift, opt for these healthy versions this year.

By giving better, and shopping local, you’re helping reduce your footprint while supporting small business and families working to make a difference. I hope you got some good inspiration from this list to help you with your own list. And most importantly, remember to stay calm and get your holidays on.


Emma Rohmann is a mom of two young children, an environmental engineer and founder of Green at Home. She helps families reduce their exposure to toxics and their environmental footprint at home.