I hope it’s safe to say that Spring is finally upon us. With the seasons’ change, it means time to start fresh and for others, it could signify allergy season.  At Organic Lifestyle, we hope you take this as an opportunity to consider natural remedies that could reduce those symptoms in the bedroom.

Many new parents are concerned with baby eczema, but what if you’re suffering from the condition yourself? There are many adults who develop symptoms later in life – sometimes due to hormonal changes after pregnancy, a newly presenting food sensitivity, or allergy.

As we discussed in our earlier blog on eczema in children, eczema in adults can be triggered by things like:

  • Common allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, grass, and personal care or cleaning product ingredients
  • Dairy in the diet
  • Overheating

As we aren’t medical professionals, we suggest you work with a naturopathic doctor to help identify underlying factors, as eczema and other skin conditions can often be symptoms of internal issues.

While you work on reducing or eliminating symptoms, there are natural remedies that you can do at home to help alleviate the overheating, itching and discomfort.

Here are a few ways we can help you reduce overheating, itching and other symptoms to help you have a more comfortable night and day:

Wool Pilloweczema in adults

Wool helps regulate temperature and is naturally dust mite resistant – overheating and presence of dust mites can make eczema symptoms worse. Our wool pillows also do not contain dyes, chemicals, or synthetics, giving you a healthier sleep.

Wait, isn’t wool associated with itching? There are numerous variables that might result in someone having an itchy reaction to wool. However, given our wool hasn’t been treated with conventional dyes, chemicals or synthetics, our customers haven’t had this experience. All wool isn’t created equally – best to look into the manufacturing process.

 Wool Comforter for Couples

eczema in adults

If you and your partner prefer different weights, this comforter is for you!

Wool is naturally cool in summer and warm in the winter. Combine this with the flexibility of different weights for each side of the bed and you’ve got a perfect solution to keep you comfortable! Choose a lighter weight for eczema sufferers to reduce sweating, which can aggravate symptoms.

Dust-Mite Resistant Mattress Encasement

eczema in adults

Further reduce dust mites to reduce allergy symptoms, including eczema, with our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton mattress encasement.  

We hope these help you stay comfortable and symptom-free as we head into warmer weather!