By Dihan Chandra, Owner, Organic Lifestyle.


So friends of friends’ parents live on a farm and I managed to invite myself and my dog to visit for a weekend.

My hosts, Derek & Margaret have been farmers all their lives and brought up 3 kids who have since moved away, married with their own kids.

Here is what I took away from my experience:

  1. Generosity of spirit – wow, would you invite a complete stranger who is dating the cousin of your son in law? (Not only did they invite me but they fed me, took me on hikes to show me their farms and neighboring lands and scenic outlooks known only to locals.)
  2. Know thy neighbour – I’m not kidding but a neighbour popped in for tea. Un-announced! How many of us city / condo dwellers know even our neighbours
  3. Quality of life – as farmers you are essentially self employed. Assuming they’ve banked money, they’ve taken on much less than what they’ve done in previous years – ie., they could do more to make more but in their 60s, they prefer to make enough and enjoy their life – highly involved with local community, time for their visiting grand kids & making crafts.
  4. Fresh produce – they have a hobby vege garden – potatoes were dug up and boiled for dinner and berries were plucked hours before made into desert (yummy crumble). I’m not kidding, they even make their own bread, jams and preservatives! Save money, fresh & healthy.
  5. Countryside – its almost a cliche but the air seemed clean and the grass was greener. Definitely quieter -zero background noise aside for the occasional drizzle. you feel like running outside or doing yoga.
  6. Yin yang – I felt enveloped by beauty  of nature whenever I was outside – good example of the balance of beauty.  “Not so nice” was walking thro grazing fields while looking at the lone massive tree against the horizon while dodging massive slurry patches of mystery pooh.
  7. Life is simpler – your friends (and perhaps family) are closer in proximity and in terms of relationships. Less fair weather friends but perhaps a few more gossipy ones.
  8. Less prone to distractions – cities offer unlimited choices, perhaps to the point we are spoilt? Do we really need steak flown all the way from Argentina or water from Fiji?

For me, even though the farm is not part of my present, I’d like to seriously contemplate it as part of my future. City dwellers – did you know these guys offer to setup and maintain your very own vege garden?

You could have this lifestyle within 1h of any major city I bet. Have you, my reader, made this transition? I’d love to hear your stories.