Can you believe Organic Lifestyle has been operational for 10 years already? Right from the beginning, one of our primary manufacturers was an Ontario based company – we worked with them to manufacture Organic Lifestyle’s own Made in Canada pillows, toppers, mattresses, comforters and mattress pads.

Like our customers, we’ve been proud to support Canadian businesses despite high quality equivalent products in the global marketplace.

However, looks like the manufacturer is changing direction and opting instead to produce only their premium line. They will sell only to brick & mortar stores (not online stores like Organic Lifestyle), citing their old product line is “not competitive anymore. Today’s customers are looking for comfort, customization and luxury.”

Not sure we agree. 

Organic Lifestyle opted to carry high quality “affordable” range of organic products to increase chances of organic products becoming part of our customer’s lifestyle, not simply for the sake of luxury. As is it, Organic Lifestyle has to bridge and justify the cost of a $100+ organic pillow versus $20 for a non-organic pillow at a department store!

Regardless, thank you to the manufacturer for their support over the years. You truly were a pioneer in the Organic space. We wish you all the best.

The direction of the factory is a big blow to us and feel it will decimate alot of the smaller businesses in this space. Is this a part of a general trend of declining organic businesses based in Canada? Toronto based retailer Grassroots store shut their doors after 20 years last year and we’ve had several Canada based mom-preneurs who have opted to shutdown their business citing that they aren’t making enough to justify continuation.

So that’s the bad news.

How can you, the organic advocate, help?

Organic products for the home is a niche business. On average, 10 people a month search for keyword ‘organic pillow’ on Google Canada.

Worse yet, the average consumer doesn’t even know, let alone, why they should consider an organic pillow [Here’s why]

So aside from purchasing products, the #1 thing we’d ask is that you help spread the word. Found a good product or company you like? Don’t be shy, please boast about it.

Similarly, if you found a product or company you love, tell us about it. we’ll looking into it

The Good news

We’ve identified new manufacturers and in the process of introducing their product line soon. Stay tuned

More good news…

We’d like to move existing stock / possibly place one big final order with the factory so that you have your favourite items in time for the upcoming Holiday season (its less than 96 sleeps away!!)

Please enter Coupon ‘madeincanada’ to take 10% off by Wed Sept 28th 2016 and receive FREE Shipping on orders over $75.

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Again, don’t be shy. Please share this with friends and family who might be interested.

Dihan Chandra

Proud-Owner, Organic Lifestyle