We sincerely hope that you’ll help us out 

In order to continue working towards our mutual goal of making everyday living as organically and sustainable as possible, we need your help.

1. We’re soliciting your ideas to help grow Organic Lifestyle

Perhaps its carrying new duvets to a new service to connect you with a local expert to help reduce your energy use at home, we need your help to set the priority.

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2. We’d like to reward you and your friends with $$ (but subject you to a fun memory exercise first)

Remember back when you had time to pick up the phone and call a friend and chat about nothing and everything?

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Well, we’d like you to encourage you to take a time break.

Here’s how:

1. Just picture your friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with

2. Now call / text / facebook / instagram / email  or simply drop by their place (unannounced is even better)

I’m sure you’ll either:

  • have a great time, or
  • remember why you had kept your distance

Regardless, we hope that you mention Organic Lifestyle was the one (to blame or to thank 🙂

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Bonus: you’d get $15 off for every referral that result in a sale at Organic Lifestyle

BTW We hope that you share our sense of humour and we’ve given you another reason to continue to open our Newsletters in the future.

Thank you for your support!


Dihan Chandra

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