Boxing day and into January Sale!

At the risk of preaching to the choir, majority of Organic Lifestyle fans understand that our cost of goods are higher compared to conventional products as we don’t take shortcuts in quality, pay fair labour and don’t use questionable materials that are potentially harmful over long term exposure.

We markup our products so that we can make it everyday affordable, and that it will become part of your lifestyle.

Thus, we can’t afford to offer deals like 80% off

However, we can offer 15% off  all Regular (non-discounted) price on Organic Lifestyle website

Lets start with select Sleeptek mattresses + FREE shipping within Canada = 25% SAVINGS 

Premium Innerspring  – Adult version

innerspring mattress

eg., Regular  $1269 NOW $1078 for twin size 39×75″

Rubber Mattress – Adult version


eg., Regular $1399 NOW $1189 for twin size 39×75″

Kids Natural Rubber Mattress


eg., Regular $999 NOW $849 for twin size 39×75″

This is definitely the only time we can offer a deal like this

So if you’ve purchased an existing mattress from us and looking to get another, this is the time.

– applies to all sizes from Twin, Full, Queen and King

– from Boxing Day 2014 till Jan 25th 2015

Know anyone expecting a baby? Then, please share this with them

babys room

15% off Discount on:

Crib mattress – Rubber or Innerspring models

Wool comforters

Bassinets – rectangular, oval


and now a smile from George Clooney…

As you may know from previous posts, I’m a big fan of British TV #DowntonAbbey #MrSelfridge and now #MrandMrsClooney

Well, check out the “Its a Wonderful Life” themed short videos to support the charity Text Santa

Enjoy and Season’s Greetings from all of us at Organic Lifestyle.


Dihan Chandra, Proud-Owner.

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