The Facts:
  • Babies have more sensitive skin than adults and are more sensitive to chemicals.
  • Their internal organs are still developing and maturing.
  • Babies spend as much as 70% of their time in their cribs – breathing healthy, clean air is important.
  • In relation to their body weight, infants and children eat and drink more than adults, possibly increasing their exposure to pesticides in food and water.
  • Activities such as playing on floors or lawns or putting objects in their mouths, increase a child’s exposure to pesticides used in clothes, homes and yards.
  • An eco-friendly crib (with low/zero VOC stains & paints; ie., no off-gassing).
  • Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protector – Protects against spills by causing liquid to bead on top of wool.
  • Organic crib sheets – Chemical free, dye-free.
  • Organic baby clothing – high quality, chemical free. Read More
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