Organic Lifestyle has complied a list of EWG Skindeep rated Cosmetics for eyes, cheeks, lips, face and nails. We’ve put all of the important data for you in each product page – including which ingredients to watch out for in conventional products, animal testing policy, product ingredients, EWG score and video reviews.

Please note – We cannot provide you with the best price, so the product links below may contain links to Amazon for which we’d earn a small sales commission that helps our efforts to research and make unbiased product recommendations.

To help you figure out which brands meet your specific needs, below is a brief chart outlining the most important considerations for you as you shop for natural makeup.

Brand Positioning EWG Status Vegan Organic Cruelty-Free Country
Alima Cosmetics Sensitive skin, mineral cosmetics Champion Not Indicated Not indicated Leaping Bunny Certified USA
Afterglow Cosmetics Organic, mineral cosmetics Innovator YES USDA Certified Organic Leaping Bunny Certified USA
Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics Biodynamically grown
botanical ingredients
N/A Not Indicated Some ingredients Cruelty-free, no
certification mentioned
Nvey Eco Cosmetics Organic,
botanical ingredients
N/A Not Indicated NATRUE Certified Organic Cruelty-free, no
certification mentioned
Acquarella Nail Polish Vegan, water-based Champion YES Not indicated Cruelty-free, no
certification mentioned

Organic Natural Mascara – Nvey Eco Organic Mineral Eyeshadow – Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Mineral Eyeliner – Afterglow Cosmetics
Natural Mineral Powder Bronzer- Afterglow Cosmetics Natural Mineral Blush – Alima Pure Vegan Brushes – Afterglow Cosmetics
Natural Lipstick – Dr. Hauschka Natural Lip Liner – Dr Hauschka Organic Natural Lipgloss – Nvey Eco
Organic Natural Concealer – Nvey Eco Organic Natural Liquid Foundation – Nvey Eco Natural Mineral Powder Foundation – Alima Pure
Non-Toxic Natural Nail Polish – Acquarella