I’m sitting in my local coffee shop – the tables are fairly close to each other which eventually leads to casual conversations with strangers over coffee and croissants.


One couple mentions their prior lives living in South Africa where tensions ran high; middle class everyday culture was to live in gated communities, barbed wire fences and armed security patrol… They lived in a constant state of fear and this couples reason to move away.


It got me thinking about the significant important of culture which could be loosely identify as the personality of a community, given its the sum of individuals that make it up.


Stating the obvious, who we are as an individual is influenced by a complex mix of friends, family, work colleagues, media, education system, society etc. In turn, society reflects the values of its individual personalities. So both our individual personality and society will adapt to one another


This brings me to Brexit and the US elections – both reflecting growing frustration of its people.


Both share strong sentiments of anti-establishment, racism, inequality, disenfranchisement at a time of economic uncertainty. History has been here before, so we need to pay attention.


Fundamental question: Is this the culture we want to live in, let alone expose our kids to?


If not, then 3 things we need to consider right now:


1. Lead by example – be an ACTIVE role model; I imagine you are already, but should we do more? Whether you are a parent or not, you can influence what ‘good’ is; impart the fundamentals so that people around you can make their own decisions on what is fair / equal as they grow and society evolves.


I’m reminded about the time I met a lady at my local coffee shop whose parents met over volunteering and infused a compassionate & generous spirit within their children. Today, she works for the financial industry by day and with her own savings, started a non-profit in Malawi where she launched fashion brand while promoting local skill development and employment.



2. Consume the world based on your values #Riseup
How many massively consumed movies have you watched where women are simply portrayed as a love object or a minority as a token extra or sidekick?


(Watch Master of None as Aziz Ansari communicates these concepts much more eloquently)


Is the demographic at your local, at work, on your commute the same as portrayed in the media??


Fundamental Question: Shouldn’t pop culture reflect the values we want to see in this world?


If yes, then ask yourself, what can I do to drive this shift in your world.


3. Interact with those seeking change
Can a Democrat and Republican find common ground? How about Liberals and Conservatives??
Of course they can.


How about the middle class and poor?


What Brexit, US elections really home for me was that I need to empathize with others whose values/culture might not agree with my own. They’ve made themselves heard and turned my world upside down.


You’re not going to agree with everyone but everyone does have a vote.


I will continue to visit my local coffee shop with continued satisfaction of getting to know strangers, building community over distrust and speaking up on issues that are important to me. At the same time, I need to volunteer / find opportunities to interact with those who might not typically frequent my local coffee shop.



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Leonard Cohen quote used in 'Is this the culture we want to live in, let alone expose our kids to?'