From Dihan, Founder of Organic Lifestyle:

There are a ton of safe cosmetics – natural / organic skincare, bodycare, kids’ products and makeup options on the market – Primarily, I’ve stayed away from retailing safe cosmetics & makeup in the past due to most customer preference to touch and feel these products prior to purchase especially if its not a known brand.

Now we have the means to introduce you to a premium brand called Beautycounter.

What I like about Beautycounter:

  • Differentiation based on ethics – low toxicity, no animal testing e.g., Never List that lists upto 1500 ingredients associated with human health issues like endocrine (hormone) disruption, fertility issues and cancer  (which similar to EWG or Canada’s CleanCare) and proof is that they are EWG Verified (scores 1-3 which is considered low toxicity)
  • Positive reviews from those who have tried it
  • Has an extensive safe cosmetics portfolio of skincare, bodycare and makeup – for women, men, kids and baby
  • Fragrance free options and use of essential oils for scent
  • Made in the USA
  • Has a network of local consultants across North America where you could try out their products first

My goal is to introduce our readers to a brand that would help you live an organic lifestyle. Thus, I invited one of our customers, Taryn, to guest blog about her experience as one of Beautycounter’s Toronto based consultants.

[Please note: Links may redirect you to Taryn’s page on Beautycounter’s website for which Organic Lifestyle does not receive any commission]

Here is what :

As a mother of two young children and someone interested in living a “cleaner” lifestyle for several years, I’ve focused on eating a mostly organic, non-GMO and hormone-free diet and have switched to safer, more environmentally-friendly household cleaners, mattresses and bedding.  Like many others, I’ve bought body wash, shampoos and lotions that claimed to be “all-natural”, “organic”, SLS, phthalate & paraben-free.


I’ve been disappointed time and again by the performance, feel and smell of the more “natural” / safe cosmetics positioned skin and body care products on the market.


Now Beautycounter is slowly taking over the bathrooms in my home… and I’m not the only one who’s fallen for this stuff!  My husband loves the body wash and shampoo (and secretly, my day cream!) and I know my 5-year old daughter appreciates how much gentler (and faster) I am at combing out her hair, post hair wash and conditioning.  Even my little guy gets some royal Beautycounter treatment, with a little Body Butter slathered on all over after his baths, followed by a touch of Baby Balm applied to his eczema patches.


I love that Beautycounter is on a mission, not only to spread awareness, but to make changes on a legislative level; to put stricter laws in place that will govern the use of harmful ingredients in our skin care and cosmetics, so that future generations won’t have to think twice about what they’re putting on their bodies.    And all this without compromising on products that feel, smell and look amazing on my skin!

Taryn’s top recommendations:

(*please note, all prices listed here in CAD and subject to change. Beautycounter’s website will reflect current pricing)

  • Use this best-selling luxurious balm as a cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, overnight hydration mask
  • as a salve on dry patches, cuticles
  • Raspberry & cranberry seed oils hydrate & revitalize skin;
  • vitamin C brightens skin tone
safe cosmetics beautycounter cleansing_balm
  • Extremely gentle, creamy, non-drying body wash, ideal for men & women
  • Lathers well, despite the absence of SLS or other such foam-producing chemicals 
  • Made with marula & mongongo oils to help soften & protect skin while sealing in moisture
safe cosmetics beautycounter body_wash
Charcoal Cleansing Bar & Purifying Charcoal Mask  $62 (sold together for this limited time holiday-edition gift set)
  • Detoxify & absorb impurities in your skin without drying it out, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion; helps refine the appearance of pores
  • Charcoal Cleansing Bar for face & body is gentle but deep-cleansing, made with activated charcoal, organic witch hazel, coconut oil, & green tea extract
  • Purifying Mask is a mineral-rich mix of kaolin clay & charcoal that gently exfoliates, draws out impurities and soothes
  • Great for men & women
safe cosmetics beautycounter charcoal_mask
  • A rich body butter that absorbs easily without feeling greasy; a cold-weather essential
  • Made with Shea butter & mongongo oil to hydrate & nourish skin;
  • organic sunflower oil, aloe & chamomile soothe and smooth
safe cosmetics beautycounter body_butter
Baby Collection  $26-$28 each; $70 Bundle Collection
  • Fragrance-free Baby line is made of simple, plant-derived ingredients & free of formaldehyde-releasing preservatives or petroleum
  • Includes Gentle All-Over Wash for body and hair; Soothing Oil to nourish the skin; Daily Protective Balm acts as a layer of protection for sensitive, delicate skin
  • Available individually or as a bundle

safe cosmetics beautycounter baby_bath_collection

Kids Bath Collection  $22 ea.; $57 Collection

  • Gentle, effective & kid-friendly without any hidden ingredients
  • Free of harsh surfactants & synthetic fragrance; free of nut oils, gluten-free
  • Includes Super-Duper Clean Body Wash, Not A Knot Conditioner & Nice Do Shampoo    
safe cosmetics beautycounter kids_bath_collection
  • Formulated with organic oils & shea butter to condition lashes
  • Easy-control precision brush ensures clean application without smudging, clumping or flaking
  • Winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2016
safe cosmetics beautycounter mascara
  • Lightweight, luxurious & moisturizing; a perfect mix of sheer colour plus polished sheen
  • Made with plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters & lightly scented with real vanilla
  • Twig is a beautiful creamy neutral shade that is flattering on every skin tone; doubles as a cream blush
  • Winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2014
safe cosmetics beautycounter lip_sheer
So what do you think as we’re considering retailing these safe cosmetics …
This is just the tip of iceberg.  If you prefer to meetup / touch and feel products first and in Toronto, contact Taryn or find a local North America based Beautycounter Consultant here.
Else, start with more information and buy online via Taryn’s page on