Met up with Dr.Viv

She runs a MCS meetup group and holds workshops on living pain free, Mindfulness and hypnotherapy out of CSI Annex in Toronto, where I work out as well, so I felt we should definitely meet.

We had a fascinating conversation – A trip to South America made her fall in love with the place and consequently stayed. However, after being there for a few years, she contracted a parasite that seems to have triggered her food sensitivities and allergies.

She became completely incapacitated and disabled by her allergies/sensitivities, from which she has largely recovered using a variety of techniques that she now specializes in.

[Her story in her own words]

She also has a PhD from the Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and Graduated in Biomedical Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology from Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Toronto.

As a person with Multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), she eats as organically as possible.

But imagine trying to go out to a restaurant and being concerned of whether someone’s perfume could potentially set off your sensitivities.

I didn’t know but Soy and gluten based products in shampoo can trigger dermatitis in the scalp.

Life must be tough but she seems to have a pretty good attitude towards life (Mindfulness?).

[ update on Nov 21 2014 ] – Dr. Viv has since clarified that what actually caused her symptoms is hard to pin down but she believes strongly in the mind-body connection – ie., power of the mind (eg., anxiety, anger long repressed) might be responsible for ailments. She recommended the Healing Back Pain Mind-Body Connection by John Sarno, MD.

I’m actually reading it and find it fascinating – definitely a must read. Its now one of my must reads and recommending it to anyone that will listen – Dihan]

As you can see, I was very impressed with her đŸ™‚

Although Organic Lifestyle has a subset of customers who has MCS / electric sensitivities, we’re learning more about MCS everyday

Dr. Viv is an example of someone who has hope and found some relief from this syndrome.

We wish her the best and encourage our readers to learn more about her and Multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)