She’s gone.

My little girl Rory who has been my constant companion for a quarter of my life has passed away.

Her rapid deterioration due to cancer over the past few months is finally over and now she can rest in peace.

Memories and heart ache are what remains.

People remind me that time will heal – I’ve always assumed that meant that in time you forget the heart ache / emptiness / sadness, that time puts a distance between you.

But I don’t want that – I don’t want to forget.

When looking to understand how others coped with grief, I found some solace in this quote on how time allows you to get used to the heartache, not forget.


I’m plodding through life feeling like I have a phantom limb; startled by the void of my missing sidekick, who was always just a few feet away.

Today, I collected her medicines, diapers & training pads used for incontinence to donate to a local charity. Walking to the same places we took her for treatment was very bittersweet.


Many moons ago when I was living at the height of my single life, I remember watching an amazing sunset and feeling incredibly lucky. And then immediately after, feeling sad that I didn’t have anyone to share that beautiful moment (as well as my life) with.

It was then that I decided to make finding love a priority.

I started by getting my dog. She nudged my life in the right direction by determining everything from where we went on vacation (road trips & camping vs. flights) and who I dated (dog lovers only). I eventually ended up with my wife-to-be, who she adored and was known to occasionally leave my side to snuggle up with her instead. I’m so thankful she got to meet my Rory and was with me, to share the good and bad times with Rory near the end.

On this roller coaster ride of life, I’m glad my wife is here with me to share this journey.