Al Gore is optimistic about sustainable investments

In addition to raising climate change awareness, he has been running an investment fund that invest in sustainable companies – return on investment of 12% over the past 10 years.

(Image from article)

Watch Al Gore’s inspiring TED talk from Feb 2016 (I’m calling it inconvenient truth 2):

If you save and invest your money in stocks, consider this:

– 71% want to invest in environmentally/socially sustainable businesses
– 72% think those will actually make more money
– Yet, 54% think they will lose money if they tried it themselves

from another great TED talk by Audrey Choi who worked with Al Gore

Lastly, highly recommended read on famous faces who are investing based on ethics.

Tesla has announced an affordable electric car – Model 3

U$35,000 for range of 346 km on a single charge (just about make it to Ottawa from Toronto, double what drivers of competitors cars costing similar, such as the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3)

$10 Billion in Pre-orders over 2 days since its announcement.

As for the 3rd sign that the world is getting better this week, we’d love to hear from you … please comment on what’s important to you and the environment around you.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to invest your money based on your ethics.