February is the month we make the conscious effort to celebrate love for our partners, family and friends, and our community.

At Organic Lifestyle, our love language is creating a healthier home and investing in non-toxic, sustainable products.


One way to show you care for that special someone is by investing in their health and wellness and limiting their exposure to chemical flame retardants that have been linked to endocrine and thyroid disruption, reproductive issues and cancer.

What says I love you more than a non-off gassing and long-lasting pillow that will keep your partner well-rested & (and less grumpy 🙂

Start your search for a non-toxic pillow here.


Given the immune systems of our children aren’t as mature as adults, their skin is more vulnerable (especially as they explore every inch of the house) to chemical exposure from everyday cleaning products to off-gassing from conventional mattresses and pillows. The bedroom is a key area to limit your children’s exposure to these potentially toxic substances.

Investing in healthier products for their bedroom is one of the best ways you can set your children up for long-term health.

Check out the healthiest mattresses for kids here.

We might feel pressured to buy and nicely wrap gifts for all our friends. This Valentine’s, consider choosing mindful gift-giving and gift-receiving. And if you really want to surprise a friend or two, consider sending them a gift card, so they can choose their gift when the need arises.

We realize that gift packaging and wrapping can come at additional expense to the planet, so consider tying a bow around a gently used cardboard box like we do while reducing single-use packaging.

Remember to show some love to yourself as well this month – treat yo’ self!

Want something soft and cozy to help carry you through the rest of the winter? Our organic throws are made from natural materials and will wrap you in comfort and warmth.

And if you tend to run hot at night or are ready to invite spring into your home, consider our Lightweight Wool Comforter that will keep you cool and cozy.

Explore Organic Throws, Comforters & Blankets

stencil_blanketIn our experience during the pandemic, one thing we gained was time.

More time with family and socially distanced walks with friends; less time commuting to work and more time to discover our neighbourhoods. Part of our daily exercise involves visiting our local grocer whose fruits are always fresh who now smiles in recognition. Friday nights involve supporting our favourite local takeout and a movie. As the lockdown ends, we’re looking forward to seeing more of the world again and hope that we maintain our local connections to our community.

As a local business, we’re so grateful for your support during this pandemic.

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Dihan, Kira, Shiranie & Yukari.
Organic Lifestyle