Guest Blog by Marni Wasserman
Real Food + Real Life Nutritionist (@marniwasserman) and Co-Host of The Ultimate Health Podcast (@ultimatehealthpodcast)

Note from Organic Lifestyle: Marni was so elated with her organic side sleeper pillow that we invited her to share her experience. We hope that it will also end your own search for a good night’s sleep.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

The ever-elusive dream to find the best side sleeper pillow – I can tell you now that it can be done!

For years I’ve been trying to find that perfect pillow.

I’ve always focused on texture. How hard or soft the pillow was, what was it filled with? I never explored the possibility of a different shape.

I do have to say, I have had some great pillows over the years. Many of which have been organic and made of natural materials as that’s always been a priority.

However, I was always looking for something I could never find. Something supportive and something that molded my body in some way.

I think at one point I even was going to try pregnancy pillow to get the contour I was looking for, but that seemed a little over the top for my bed, until the right time came.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Then one day I remember seeing what looked like a boomerang pillow at a wellness event and thought to myself, that’s the perfect pillow!! Exactly what I’m looking for. I began my search for an organic natural version of this “boomerang” shaped pillow which actually turned out to be the name of the pillow believe it or not online.

Then I gave up. As I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

I even ended up pulling out an old queen size pillow (not natural) just to get the feel I was after. It worked, somewhat. But still not right.

Life is funny.

So, I ended up registering at Organic Lifestyle for my bridal shower this past year, and as I was going through the site, I saw a Side Sleeper Pillow!

best organic side sleeper pillow

Exactly what I wanted – organic, filled with natural materials, eco and it even came with a pillow case. SOLD!

When it arrived at my door, I was a little unsure as it seemed quite flat. But actually, it was the perfect height for between my head and shoulder supporting my neck.

It totally frames my neck and upper body as I like to move quite a bit. I also like to sleep with my arm above my head rotate from side to side. I don’t have any stiffness in my neck and I feel so comfortable at night. I can even shift it down and hug it in front of me for that upper body support.

If you are looking for a solution to cradle your head and neck during your sleep, will still giving you the freedom to move, this is the pillow you want.

It’s the pillow I’ve been looking for all these years and I absolutely love it!