Whether Valentine’s Day has you giddy with romance, or rolling your eyes that it’s just another greeting card cash grab, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself and your family a little extra love!

And because we like to think of our community (that’s you!) as family, we’ve got some extra love for you this week at the end of this email… but first, we think you’ll love these ways to spread the love in your home.

Love for Your Partner

If you’re still sleeping on a memory foam pillow, chances are it’s treated with chemical flame retardants which are linked with lower sperm count and reproductive function. What says I love you more than “here’s a fire retardant chemical free pillow that won’t mess with your swimmers”?! Plus, the healthy alternatives are so comfy you’ll have an excuse to get into bed together more regularly ;).

Start your search for a non-toxic pillow here.

Love for your Kids

Show your love by giving them a healthier start in life. Kids are more susceptible to the chemicals in everyday products because their bodies are smaller, systems are immature, and they are exposed to more (thanks to crawling around and eating off the floor – they all do it). Investing in healthier products for their bedroom is one of the best ways you can set them up for long-term health.

Check out the healthiest mattresses for kids here.

Love for the Planet

We’re on a mission to see a world with a lot less plastic waste. Reduce your environmental footprint with reusable snack bags – fill them with homemade treats for bonus points!

Love for You!

We love our Organic Lifestyle customers! As a small business working hard to help you create a healthier home and planet, we truly appreciate the support you give us – now and every day. You’re more than just an email address to us and we look forward to continuing to give you the resources and products you need to create a home that supports your health throughout 2019 and beyond.

As our gift to you, use coupon code ‘truelove’ for 10% off orders over $75 in the shop until February 15th. Start browsing here.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and a year filled with love!