Disclaimer – this may seem obvious to the majority but its surprising the number of people who weren’t aware of some of the points made below.

My chemical pollution concerns in Daily Shower & personal care routine:

  • Skin is our biggest organ; alot of surface area through which we can absorb these potential chemicals
  • exposure via multiple fronts: deodorant, shower gels, antibacterial soaps, shaving cream, hair mousse, toothpaste, cologne, body creams
  • for the Ladies – add hair dyeing, manicures, cosmetics and makeup to the above list!
  • Solution: Organic Towels, personal natural care products for WomenClean Care 

My chemical pollution concerns In the bedroom:

  • off gassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from fire retardant chemicals in mattress and their foundations
  • chemical concoction present lubricants and condoms that go on your very private parts
  • Solution: Organic Bedroom

My chemical pollution concern in Any room:
– paint & flooring – biggest offenders for indoor pollution

My chemical pollution concern in the kitchen:

  • the non-stick coating via non-degrading teflon
  • endocrine mimicking BPA lined food containers
  • triclosan containing  ‘anti-bacterial’ soaps
  • Tap Water – with all the pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides entering the water tablet, should I be boiling my water?
  • Solution: Natural Kitchen, DIY water testing kits

My chemical pollution concerns about my wardrobe:

  • Esp for baby’s, alot of US based clothing requires fire retardant which most retailers achieve via fire retardant chemicals, which have been shown to be carcinogenic.
  • These regulations were put in place when people were falling asleep in bed while smoking in bed.
  • Times have changed, yet people are still exposing their young ones unknowingly to these harmful substances.
  • Wrinkle-free = use of formaldehyde, another known carcinogen
  • Solution: Natural Women, Organic Baby, Organic Kids, Natural Men Clothing

Its for these many concerns and I needed to exert control back. I felt by taking the following steps, I was on the path to a healthier life – at least, less environmental chemical exposure. FacebookTwitter



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