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By Utsav Sakhuja

The title for my first article on this blog comes from the title of the blog itself. It resonates exactly with the process in life that I’m going through at this very moment. I am, “Fumbling towards an Organic Lifestyle”.

As a college student having moved away from home, I have begun from scratch. I wanted to initiate this process of independence properly by living the highest possible standards while maintaining my health and well-being. With the help of the largest resource available to me as an individual-the Internet, I learnt that there were several things that weren’t quite right about day-to-day living. Resources such as The Story Of Stuff Project, The Environmental Working Group etc. taught me that the Food we eat, the Water we drink, the Cosmetics we use along with many other consumer products, are all tainted with chemicals and toxins that are carcinogenic, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins and cause learning disabilities, immune system disruption and various other diseases.

This resulted in a radical shift from the way I used to live. I realized that the decision to direct my purchasing power was up to me and I had to make the correct choices. Further research led me to the ideology and principals behind an organic lifestyle along with ethical principals such as sustainability, animal welfare, fair trade, etc.

I learnt that I needed to start at the basic level and build from there. I began with research on water and purchased the best possible portable water filter on the market that had the ability to filter out fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, pesticides, other heavy metals, etc. I researched food, learnt to purchase raw foods whenever possible and read ingredient labels when it came to processed foods. I also learned to purchase non-toxic cosmetics and household cleaning products from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) database. As I went through this process, more and more research led me to organic or eco friendly alternatives to almost every consumer product on the market and I continue to be vigilant trying to find new alternatives for conventional products and replacing the already existing products I use or own.

I follow a vast criterion before making a decision to purchase any product; I consider the effect on my health and well being- negative and positive, the effect on the environment and the contribution to sustainability. Whenever possible I prefer socially responsible companies that take into account recycling, animal welfare, organic, eco friendly, fair trade practices and certifications.

Through this method, I have found many products like Reusable lunch boxes and packaging materials that helped me eat healthy home cooked meals, while reducing disposable food packaging waste and saving money in the process. Deodorizers that absorb the smell out of the room rather than mask it with chemical fragrances. Non-toxic cookware, Organic bedding, towels, furniture, water bottles, and a large number of things that have all helped me move closer to an Organic Lifestyle.

I believe as consumers we need to be educated about what we put in and on our bodies and our surroundings, while making sure to take our health and well being into consideration. As JFK once said, “We have the right to safety, information, choice and the right to be heard”.  So I urge everyone reading this article to be informed, to choose wisely as a consumer and campaign to have toxins removed from everyday items while upgrading their standards of living to live as we all were meant to.

Live Organic. Live Non- toxic. Live Sustainable.