How can it be that our country is being governed by Conservatives, if the majority of its people have strong liberal views?
The problem is that there is only one conservative party, while liberal votes are being splintered between multiple liberal parties.
The end result is that as we stand divided
What needs to happen?
1. We need voters with liberal views to vote in record numbers
2. We need those intending to vote Conservative to truly see what they’re voting for
3. We need to vote strategically:

Here’s a campaign to get Canadians to vote strategically — casting your ballot not necessarily for the party you love… but for the one with the best chance of preventing another Conservative government. – via CBC

John Langs plowed “Anybody but Harper!!” into the 46-acre rye field on his farm in Burford, Ont. Anything But Conservative, also known as the ABC campaign encourages strategic voting. ( Geoff Grenville)

Did you know?

Since taking office, Harper Government has weakened regulations so that more pesticide residues can be left on your fruits and vegetables. The plan is to bring Canadian regulations in line with U.S. Levels, which can be up to 100 times higher. Under additional new regulations, corporate food producers will be allowed to conduct their own safety inspections – See more at:

Source: Canwest News [1] & Canwest News [2] – See more at:

In 2009, Harper Government cut science research funding by $138 Million, and imposed limitations on scientists at Environment Canada, requiring that they obtain permission to do interviews, and often screened their responses. The result is that Canadian media coverage of climate change science has been reduced by 80%. Efforts here have been so destructive, that in 2009 prominent politicians and scientists called for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth. The last time this mark of shame was used, it was against South Africa while it was still under racist apartheid rule.

Source: The Guardian UK See more at:

  • Where does each party stands on environmental issues?

Check out this nifty at-a-glance cheat sheet outlining the four parties’ stances on everything from transit investment to pipelines (courtesy of David Suzuki Foundation)

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