1. Meet our latest addition: Plush Turkish organic cotton Towel Sets

  • fair trade
  • made of GOTS certified organic cotton
  • … and truly the fluffiest and most bee-eautifully crafted of all

Boasting that gorgeous neutral cotton colour, they’re minimally processed to maintain the natural softness of the substance.


2. Did you know that 1 of every 3 bites of food we eat requires pollinators for a successful harvest?

Here’s a HAUNTING depiction of what grocery stores would look like without them:

copyright WholeFoods

Source: http://media.wholefoodsmarket.com/news/bees

That’s what makes bees so indispensable to us, and their rapid worldwide decline such a massive concern…

3. Recently, I’ve had to wear grownup clothes – shirts with ties – to work-related events.

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Here’s what I’ve realized as a result:
  • The lack of organic clothing options is pretty shameful
  • Suits that don’t require dry cleaning (and are therefore more eco) are readily available
  • White collars get dirty, even when you wash regularly

To speak to that last point: instead of dry cleaning or starching your collar (which makes the fibres overly stiff and weak, therefore decreasing the shirt’s lifespan), I started using *this* bad boy:15

The extra dose of cleaning power keeps my collars squeaky clean
Simple and cost effective right?
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Back to the bees …
Here’s what you could do to #savethebees:
  • Help spread the word #savethebees by tweeting, posting, pinning and e-mailing this post to raise awareness amongst your friends, family and social networks.
  • Eat seasonally and buy organic whenever possible. This reduces the amount of chemicals and fossil fuels expelled. Healthy bees require a healthy environment, so taking these steps is the sweetest thing you can do for them (and all the rest of us).
  • Plant bee-friendly organic herbs. Transform your urban garden into a bee haven with these rare, heirloom seeds and grow gorgeous herbs such as sage, thyme and chives in the process. A total win-win, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Sign this Avaaz petition to help persuade world leaders to prohibit the sale of the horrible poisons wiping out the bees.

Vanishing of the Bees, an amazing documentary on the topic, sheds a light on this terrifying predicament:

I truly feel its time for us to band together to save our bees, our agriculture and ultimately, ourselves.

Please join me by sharing with friends & family.


Dihan Chandra

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